Wheelie bin hire

Daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly collections.

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AMS Nationwide are able to provide scheduled wheelie bin emptying services to businesses throughout the UK.

Choosing the best wheelie bin package

Flexibility is a key factor in achieving efficient waste management, therefore AMS Nationwide offers clients the opportunity to choose from a range of collection frequencies and wheelie bin sizes.

We also hire wheelie bins for events

Available wheelie bin sizes;

  • 1100L Wheelie Bin hire
  • 770L Wheelie Bin hire
  • 660L Wheelie Bin hire
  • 360L Wheelie Bin hire
  • 240L Wheelie Bin hire
  • 140L Wheelie Bin hire

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Wheelie bin collection frequencies:

Our wheelie bin hire customers can choose to have their wheelie bins emptied on daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

Accepted waste types:

  • General / Commercial Waste
  • Dry Mixed Recyclables
  • Cardboard & Paper
  • Glass
  • Food

Need more help?

The success of AMS Nationwide is heavily dependent on its ability to provide customers with cost effective waste management solutions that ensure over 80% of their waste is recycled.

AMS Nationwide can organise waste audits for businesses wishing to discover if they can save money through increased recycling.

Businesses that choose to have a waste review can expect to receive precise information on what changes could be made to their existing waste management solution to ensure cost savings and additional recycling opportunities are realised. To book a waste audit please contact us on 03330 145000.

For our best prices please contact us on: 03330 145 000

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