Our mortars are ready mixed and are ideal for any size project.

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AMS Nationwide are able to offer a range of ready mixed mortar or a mortar silo throughout the UK.

What is mortar?

Mortar is a mixture of sand, a binder such as cement or lime, and water and is applied as a paste which then sets hard.

Common uses for mortar

Mortar is used to bind building blocks such as stones, bricks, and concrete masonry units together, fill and seal the irregular gaps between them, and sometimes add decorative colours or patterns in masonry walls.

Ready mixed mortars

Our mortars are ready mixed and are ideal for any size project, showing savings on costs for mixing equipment and labour whilst eliminating messy on site mixing. Mortar tubs can be provided (refundable deposit required) for easy delivery and allows the mortar to be moved around your site.

Ready mixed mortars ensure consistent colour and strength/ Ready mixed Mortar is delivered on one day for use the following

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Should you require mortar supplied in a Silo then please contact our experienced sales staff on 03330 145 000 who will more than happy to offer you a free Mortar quotation.

For our best prices please contact us on: 03330 145 000

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